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Скачать Embedded: Confessions of a TV Sex Journalist by Ross Dale бесплатно


Embedded: Confessions of a TV Sex Journalist by Ross Dale
Sourcebooks, Inc. | June 2008 | ISBN: 1402212178 | PDF | 304 pages | 5.5 MB

"Just like Harold&Kumar Go to White Castle, this book is a great ride: sexy, hilarious, raunchy, and unexpectedly touching."
- Danny Leiner, Director of Dude, Where's My Car? And Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

ROSS DALE is a Wesleyan graduate serenely sailing through post-college life when he gets the offer he can't refuse. For double his pay, Playboy TV wants him to produce their show Sexcetera, an explicit experience in journalism billed as "true stories from the sexual frontier."

A prep student from a sheltered home, Dale finds himself everywhere he never imagined he'd go: shooting gang bangs with the West Coast Gang Bangers, attending the annual Nudes-A-Popping Festival at an Indiana nudist resort, brothels in Amsterdam, swinger parties and more.

Behind Dale's initial shock, a fascination grows for the characters in front of the camera: some funny, some gross, all facing the pressure of trying to balance humdrum, day-to-day existence with outrageous sex lives. Plus one of his leading ladies, a gorgeous and naked soft-core movie queen, just might have a thing for him. Dale's odd job becomes a life-changing adventure, and he's enjoying the ride.

By turns hilarious, wry, and deliciously erotic, Dale evokes the bizarre world of pornography and the people who inhabit it, and gives readers a story about finding love in the least likely of places.


I. From Groton to the Grotto

II. So, Are These Smoky Blowjobs Dangerous?

III. Hide Your Wallet

IV. Just Be Careful You Don’t Get Too Close to Your Work

V. I Guess I Won’t Be Running for Public Office after This

VI. What Happens on the Road, Stays on the Road

VII. Staci, Staci

VIII. I Know What You Did in Europe!

IX. How Can We Be This Lucky?

X. I Wanna Be Your Target

XI. You’re Not in the Porn Business!

XII. I’ve Seen Things You People Wouldn’t Believe

XIII. My Mother Always Warned Me about Gangbangs

XIV. What the F*ck, Ross?

XV. Your Debutante Just Knows What You Need, but I Know What You Want

XVI. Use Your Mouth, Use Your Chin, Use Your Nose, Use Everything You Can

XVII. Darling, It’s All about Adding A Zero

XVIII. You Taste Like Scotch

XIX. When the Going Gets Weird, the Weird Turn Pro

XX. We Have This Schism

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