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Скачать Scheisshaus Luck: Surviving the Unspeakable in Auschwitz and Dora бесплатно

Pierre Berg, Brian Brock, "Scheisshaus Luck: Surviving the Unspeakable in Auschwitz and Dora"
AMACOM | 2008-09-03 | ISBN: 0814412998 | 320 pages | PDF | 1,2 MB

A searing, brutal account of a French teenager's survival in Auschwitz... And a major addition to Holocaust literature. Originally penned shortly after the war, when memories were still fresh, Scheisshaus Luck recounts Berg's constant struggle in the camps, escaping death countless times while enduring inhumane conditions, exhaustive labor, and near starvation. As we quickly approach the day when there will be no living witnesses to the Nazi's "Final Solution," Berg's memoir stands as a searing reminder of how the Holocaust affects us all.

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