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Скачать Hidden Camera бесплатно

Hidden Camera
Nbm Pub Co (July 1994) | ISBN: 1561631140 | 48 pages | PDF | 50 Mb

A mixed bag of stories from the horny Italian carttonist, grouped around the theme of a film company in search of senssational subjects. Stories range from the humorous to the deadly grim. One enjoyable romp has the company set up a luscious blonde employee for a bit of involuntary backdoor action, only to have the trick backfire on the (equally luscious) brunette who planned it. Manara shows atypical restraint in NOT showing the resulting assault in all its erotic glory.
The other highlight, for me, is a scene where the crew unwittingly cause a young lady to upset her husband. He and his mother punish the offending lass with a bare bottom caning, and the crew capture the whole thing on film. This is a really protracted sequence, in which the girl is forced to raise her skirt and kiss her husband while being slashed across the bottom with the cane by his strong-armed mom. The action continues for pages, while hubby continually promises "Just one more", then changes his mind because she moved or something. After a few strokes she is made to lower her panties and the next blow falls on bare skin. And the next. And the next...
The sight of this gorgeous gal sobbing in pain as she is compelled to kiss her man, while bending over to expose her buttocks to the next stinging smack, is very entertaining. And if she knew she was being filmed, I'm sure her humiliation would be even greater!
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