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Скачать Gregory the Great бесплатно

Gregory the Great

John Moorhead, "Gregory the Great" (The Early Church Fathers)
Taylor & Francis (2005) | English | eISBN: 0203012631 | 188 pages | PDF | 2.10 MB

Gregory’s life culminated in his holding the office of pope (590–604). He is generally regarded as one of the outstanding figures in the long line of popes, and by the late ninth century had come to be known as ‘the Great’. He played a critical role in the history of his time, and is regarded as one of the four great fathers of the Western Church, alongside Ambrose, Jerome and Augustine.

This volume provides an introduction to Gregory the Great’s life and works and to the most fascinating areas of his thinking. It includes English translations of his influential writings on such topics as the interpretation of the Bible and human personality types. These works show Gregory communicating what seem to be abstruse ideas to ordinary people, and they remain highly current today.

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