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Скачать Evagrius Ponticus бесплатно

Evagrius Ponticus

Augusti Casiday, "Evagrius Ponticus" (The Early Church Fathers)
Taylor & Francis (2006) | English | eISBN: 0203356977 | 268 pages | PDF | 2.23 MB

Evagrius Ponticus (c.345–99) was a seminal figure for Eastern monasticism and had a strong influence on Western monasticism as well. He left more writings than any other father from the Egyptian desert. However, many of his writings were lost after he was condemned as an Origenist in the sixth century. During the twentieth century, numerous works were recovered (especially in ancient oriental translations from the original Greek) but very few of these works are available in English translation; many of them are not readily available at all.

This collection presents complete works drawn from the full range of his writings, many of which have not previously appeared in English, offering translations of some of Evagrius’ letters, his notes on various books of the Bible, his treatises and his ‘chapters’ (a genre popularised by Evagrius that consists of condensed, interconnected sentences). All of the works included here are translated in full. The translations aim to present the material accurately and accessibly. The volume is prefaced by a substantial introductory essay that presents Evagrius, his works and influence, and modern scholarship about him in a way that is of great use to students and also comprehensible to beginners.

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