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Скачать New Dictionary of Scientific Biography, 8 Volume Set бесплатно

Noretta Koertge, “New Dictionary of Scientific Biography, 8 Volume Set”
Gale | 2007-12-07 | ISBN: 0684313200 | 3400 pages | PDF | 34,3 MB

The New Dictionary of Scientific Biography is the first major expansion of the classic Dictionary of Scientific Biography, and features more than 800 completely new articles. This work extends, complements, and comments upon the original Dictionary of Scientific Biography, which contains thousands of biographies of mathematicians and natural scientists from all countries and from all historical periods. The Dictionary of Scientific Biography presents an accurate and reliable narrative of the development of science, not as a mere accumulation of technical information but as the collective accomplishment that has ordered our understanding of nature. More than 500 of the new articles are devoted to scientists deceased since 1980 and not previously treated in the Dictionary of Scientific Biography including Hans Bethe, Francis Crick, Richard Feynman, Stephen Jay Gould, Fred Hoyle, Mary Leakey, Konrad Lorenz, Barbara McClintock, Linus Pauling, Andrei Sakharov, B. F. Skinner, and Edward Teller. There are also more than 75 articles on figures overlooked in the original Dictionary of Scientific Biography (from Chrysippus to Kinsey) and 250 "postscript" commentaries on important careers that have inspired new research and interpretation (from Archimedes and Aristotle to Darwin, Einstein, and Oppenheimer).

The New Dictionary of Scientific Biography guarantees the permanent relevance of the original work and constitutes a huge expansion of its scope.

Through a special arrangement with the American Council of Learned Societies, Charles Scribner's Sons has arranged not only to provide the New Dictionary of Scientific Biography in eBook format, but also to digitize the entire back-file of the original Dictionary of Scientific Biography . This comprehensive eBook includes the complete text of the 18-volume original (including supplements) plus the New Dictionary of Scientific Biography! Comprising 26-volume eBook, the Complete Dictionary of Scientific Biography eBook will provide library patrons with the world's largest and most comprehensive collection of narrative scientific biographies.

"Whether in print or online, DSB and NDSB in tandem constitute the largest resource on notable scientists throughout history. At least one print competitor, Encyclopedia of World Scientists (Facts on File, 2001), acknowledges using the DSB as a major source of its own content. This mammoth work is essential for all public and adademic libraries."
--Library Journal, June 1, 2008

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