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Скачать Queen Victoria: A Biographical Companion бесплатно

Queen Victoria: A Biographical Companion
Publisher: Helen Rappaport (ABC-CLIO ) | 2003-04 | ISBN: 1851093559 | PDF | 465 pages | 3.8 MB

The book covers all aspects of the Queen€™s official and private life, giving specific details on her children, her friends, her personal interests and preoccupations, the historical events that marked her era, and the prime ministers and various other persons whose lives were in some way affected by their relationship with the Queen.

Expertly compiled by writer, researcher, Russian translator, 19th Century historical expert and consultant Helen Rappaport, Queen Victoria: A Biographical Companion is an impressively comprehensive 463-page biographical compendium offering a wide selection of information concerning the longest reign of any female monarch in European history. Ranging from her personal life and family, to the sweeping events of history around her, as well as the crucial issues of her day and the Victorian society that reflected her name as the "Victorian Era", Queen Victoria: A Biographical Companion is enhanced an exhaustive index, as well as black-and-white photographs occasionally illustrating this invaluable and highly recommended addition to academic and community library European Biography resource and reference collections.


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