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Скачать The Politics of the Peace Corps and Vista бесплатно

The Politics of the Peace Corps and Vista by T. Zane Reeves
1988 Univ of Alabama | 208 pages | ISBN: 0817303235 | HTML | 1.8 MB

Founded under Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, the Peace Corps and VISTA emerged from the 1960s with an activist organizational culture. Reeves, professor of public administration and former Peace Corps volunteer, finds that each agency has suffered from tumultuous confrontations between its organizational culturedefended by civil servants and agency volunteersand the ideological views of its politically appointed chief administrators. The author convincingly argues that for VISTA and the Peace Corps such confrontation had more severe repercussions than it did for other agencies, but does not offer suggestions for alleviating the problem. Important for understanding the effects of political leadership on government agencies.

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