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Скачать Edward Carter Preston 1885-1965: Sculptor, Painter, Medallist бесплатно

Edward Carter Preston 1885-1965: Sculptor, Painter, Medallist by Ann Compton
Publisher: Liverpool University Press | Number Of Pages: 72 | Publication Date: 1999-05-01 | ISBN-10: 0853237921 | PDF | 2 Mb

Edward Carter Preston was a significant figure in Liverpool’s art scene from the First World War through to his death in 1965. In 1931 he received a commission from Sir Giles Gilbert Scott to prepare a major sculptural scheme for the City’s monumental Anglican Cathedral. Over the next thirty years Carter Preston made fifty sculptures, ten memorials and several reliefs for the Cathedral. Alongside his public achievements he pursued his personal artistic interests, sculpting on a more intimate scale, painting in watercolors, making prints and designing a range of ornamental and utilitarian objects. This exhibition catalogue has a foreword by Ann Compton and includes four essays.


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