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Скачать The Kennedy Years бесплатно

Joseph M. Siracusa "The Kennedy Years"
Facts on File | 2004-09-30 | ISBN: 0816054444 | 616 pages | PDF | 4,3 MB

Grade 9 Up - Kennedy is a revised edition of a title originally published in 1976 as part of the "Political Profiles" series (Facts on File); Clinton is a new work in this new series. Each volume begins with a lengthy introduction that summarizes major events of each administration, beginning with the election campaign. Following this is an A-to-Z section of approximately 350 profiles in the first volume and 250 in the second. These concise biographical entries include major political figures from each term of office and discuss the relationship of the person to the administration. The articles in Kennedy cover only U.S. personalities, while those in Clinton include important world leaders. The volumes conclude with a chronology of the administration; lists of the members of Congress, the Supreme Court Justices, Executive Departments staffs, and state governors; and primary documents, which include the texts of speeches and treaties. A few average-quality, black-and-white photographs appear in each volume. The inclusion of primary sources makes these titles particularly valuable resources for research. - Ginny Gustin, Sonoma County Library System, Santa Rosa, CA


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