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Скачать 100 Most Popular Scientists for Young Adults: Biographical Sketches and Professional Paths бесплатно

100 Most Popular Scientists for Young Adults: Biographical Sketches and Professional Paths
525 pages | Libraries Unlimited (May 15, 1999) | ISBN-10: 1563086743 | rar'd html | 1,6 Mb

Aimed at students in grades seven and up, the biographical sketches of 100 scientists represent both genders (almost one-third are women) and a variety of ethnicities and disciplines. They range from the popular (Isaac Asimov, Bill Nye) to the less well-known (Robert Bakker, Ted Hoff). The authors have written an excellent introduction that describes their selection process. The biographees were chosen from a list of more than 500 scientists nominated by the authors and a review committee consisting of science teachers and students and the authors. Coverage is limited to twentieth-century scientists "because their career paths and struggles will be more relevant to today's students."

Two features make this book interesting. One is the focus on life stories: how did these scientists get to where they are? What were their motivations? Who were their role models? How did their family lives influence their work? Second, each sketch ends with a paragraph of advice for young readers. The authors try to include quotes from each scientist, and they paraphrase advice from the work of those who are dead. The format of the entries is simple. Each starts with a short list of career highlights, then a synopsis of "Important Contributions." A two-or three-page narrative, "Career Path," follows this. A list of key dates precedes the paragraph of advice. The sketch ends with a bibliography of works by and about the scientist. A photograph of the person appears at the beginning of most of the articles.

There are several more comprehensive biographical resources on scientists for students: Marshall Cavendish's Biographical Encyclopedia of Scientists [RBB My 15 98], The Grolier Library of Science Biographies [RBB Je 1 & 15 97], and UXL's series Scientists: Their Lives and Works (now up to six volumes), to name just a few. Students may appreciate the convenient one-volume format of 100 Most Popular Scientists and the motivational aspect of the essays. The authors plan future editions to emphasize "new, upcoming, and recent scientists." Recommended for middle-school, high-school, and public libraries.

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