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Скачать Autobiography of a Brown Buffalo бесплатно

Autobiography of a Brown Buffalo (Vintage International) By: Oscar Zeta Acosta
ISBN: 0679722130 | Publisher: Vintage - 1989-07-17 | Reissue Edition | 208 Pages | PDF | 24 MB

Overall, I found the book to be meandering, formless, and kind of dull. The "Chicano in search of his identity" stuff is pure marketing hype. "A Chicano in search of beer, chicks and drugs" would be more like it--but there isn't much of that here, either, in case you're looking for a story of epic debauchery by Hunter Thompson's Samoan attorney. Acosta comes off as a fairly conservative character--he was a Christian missionary in Panama at one time--and basically apolitical at this point in his life. He wanders around the country, goes to bars, tries peyote, smokes some weed, drinks a lot of beer, but it's all pretty low key and, personally, I never thought this kind of thing was very interesting to begin with. Still, Acosta is a fairly sympathetic character and he's a better writer than most. This isn't a bad book, but it isn't that great, either--read Hunter Thompson instead Amazon Categories 20th century Acosta, Oscar Zeta Biography Biography & Autobiography Biography / Autobiography Biography/Autobiography Ethnic identity General Hispanic Americans In The U.S. History Lawyers & Judges Mexican Americans People of Color Popular culture United States West (U.S.) Biography & Autobiography / Lawyers & Judges

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