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Скачать Mother Teresa: Saint or Celebrity? бесплатно

Mother Teresa: Saint or Celebrity?

Gzim Alpion, "Mother Teresa: Saint or Celebrity?"
Taylor & Francis (2006) | English | eISBN: 0203087518 | 307 pages | PDF | 1.23 MB

Mother Teresa was one of the most prominent religious figures of the twentieth century. During her lifetime as well as posthumously, the figure, work and legacy of Mother Teresa generated, and continue to generate, a huge level of interest and heated debate. Gzim Alpion explores the significance of Mother Teresa to the mass media, to celebrity culture, to the church and to various political and national groups. Drawing on new research into Mother Teresa’s early years, he charts the rise to fame of this pioneering religious personality, investigating the celebrity discourse in which an exemplary nun was turned into a media and humanitarian icon. The book provides an in-depth cultural and critical analysis of Mother Teresa, and of the way she and others created, promoted and censored her public image, in the context of the sociology of fame, media, religion and nationality. A fascinating section explores the ways different vested interests have sought to appropriate her after her death, and also examines Mother Teresa's own attitude to her childhood and to the Balkan conflicts in the 1980s and 1990s. Mother Teresa: Saint or Celebrity? sheds new light upon this remarkable and influential woman, which will intrigue followers of Mother Teresa and those who study the vagaries of stardom and celebrity culture.

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