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Скачать Who's Who in the Ancient Near East бесплатно

Dr Gwendo Leick “Topics in Modelling of Clustered Data"
Routledge | 1999-08-17 | ISBN: 0415132304 | 256 pages | PDF | 1,1 MB

What do we know of the historical Nebuchadnezzar? Who were the Hittites? When did Isaiah preach? How did Jezebel get her bad reputation? Why did Alexander the Great set fire to Persepolis?
From the celebrated to the notorious, Gwendolyn Leick's fascinating new work offers over 300 A-Z entries on the people who shaped the history of the Near East between the First Dynasty of Kish in the 2500's B.C. and the end of the Selucid period in the 200's B.C. These readable yet authoritative mini-biographies include rulers, officials, royal consorts, merchants, bankers, military leaders, priests and scholars, and bring to life some of the best-known events of the ancient world. Who's Who in the Ancient Near Eastwill delight anyone with an interest in ancient or Biblical history.

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