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Скачать Herodot und Ktesias, die frhsten Geschichtsforscher des Orients бесплатно

Carl Ludwig Blum “Herodot und Ktesias, die frhsten Geschichtsforscher des Orients"
Heidelberg | 1836 | ISBN: B000WQEU3K | 424 pages | PDF | 10,3 MB

Everybody interested in history of antiquity knows Herodotus. but for Ctesias the remaining material is scarce and is lost or destroyed during this long time.
Ctesias of Cnidus was a Greek physician who stayed at the court of the Persian king Artaxerxes II Mnemon from 404 to 398/397. Ctesias wrote several books about Persia and India. These books are now lost but were quoted by ancient authors.
In contrary to Herodotus, the historiographies of Ctesias have pictured a very detailed and positive view of Persian empire and the nations under it, and are less biased than that of the former, which some folk have wrongly called 'father of history'.

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