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Скачать Who's Who in Christianity бесплатно

La Cohn-Sherbok “Who's Who in Christianity"
Routledge | 1997-12-22 | ISBN: 0415135826 | 361 pages | PDF | 2,11 MB

Who's Who in Christianity is an invaluable guide to the leading men and women who have influenced the course of Christian history, including founding fathers, monarchs, Popes, saints, philanthropists, heretics, theologians and missionaries. Encompassing the Eastern and Western Churches, the book covers the lives and opinions of personalities who have shaped the past twenty Christian centuries, from Jesus of Galilee to Pope John Paul II, and from Paul of Tarsus to Mother Teresa.
Who's Who in Christianity provides a user-friendly A to Z layout, 1,200 entries with detailed bibliographic information on each prominent figure, a detailed glossary of technical terms, and a chronological table of the chief historical events in church history.

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