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Скачать Philosophy: The Great Thinkers бесплатно

Philip Stokes “Philosophy: The Great Thinkers"
Quercus | 2007-11-30 | ISBN: 1841937029 | 304 pages | PDF | 24 MB

Philosophy: The Great Thinkers showcases the major philosophers of the western tradition. Written with the general reader in mind, it provides an ideal introduction to their ideas and the effect those ideas have had on the wider world. Concise and informative, the text introduces the basic concepts behind each philosopher's work together with biographical and historical details. Both easy-to-use and a stimulating read, this book is an ideal reference for anybody interested in philosophy, and especially for those who want a clear, entertaining exposition of the ideas that shape the way we think.
Key features:
* A-Z format, covering the ideas of many of history's most influential thinkers, from Thales of Miletus to controversial contemporary philosophers such as Peter Singer
* At-a-glance summaries of the major works of each of the 112 philosophers featured
* Over 160 fascinating photographs and illustrations

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