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Скачать Fantastic Realities: 49 Mind Journeys And a Trip to Stockholm бесплатно

Fantastic Realities: 49 Mind Journeys And a Trip to Stockholm
532 pages | World Scientific Publishing Company (March 13, 2006) | ISBN: 9812566554 | PDF | 26 Mb

... a feast of continual surprise and insight from a mischievous physics mensch who always has a twinkle in his eye ... -- K C Cole, Award-winning author and science journalist, and currently Professor of Journalism at the Annenberg School of Communications University of Southern California

Fantastic Realities is a gem, offering sophisticated aficionados as well as professional scientists a wealth of subtle insights. -- Brian Greene, Professor of Physics and Mathematics at Columbia University and bestselling author of The Elegant Universe and The Fabric of the Cosmos

This collection of essays opens to all readers the opportunity to experience Frank's playful yet profound approach to reality. -- Lawrence M Krauss, Ambrose Swasey Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Case Western Reserve University, and bestselling author of The Physics of Star Trek


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