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Скачать The Desert and the Sown: The Syrian Adventures of the Female Lawrence of Arabia бесплатно

The Desert and the Sown
Cooper Square Press | 2001-12-25 | ISBN: 0815411359 | 368 pages | DjVu | 8,5 MB

Bell was one of many "arabists" who traveled throughout the Middle East near the end of the Ottoman empire. This book is really an interesting travelogue and insight into Middle Eastern culture from the view of a privileged English woman who was viewed as curiosity by those she visited and traveled with. In a way, this is a fairly innocent view of that part of the world, but you could do worse than read this book. Much of the clannish nature of the cultures she wrote about is unchanged from her era (and indeed, from centuries before) and is worth the couple of hours it will take to read this book.

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