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Скачать Fifty Major Economists бесплатно

Steven Pressman “Fifty Major Economists"
Routledge | 2006-05-25 | ISBN: 0415366496 | 322 pages | PDF | 1,2 Mb

Building upon the huge success of the previous edition, this updated text provides a clear, comprehensive guide to the most influential individuals in the field of economics.

Covering a wide range of thinkers across several centuries, features of this second edition include:
* a significantly revised and expanded introduction discussing the importance of the history of economics, and highlighting the main schools of thought
* updated bibliographies and referencing to take account of the wealth of secondary literature available
* new entries on todays pioneering economists, such as Vernon Smith and Joseph Stiglitz
* revised entries on contemporary economists in order to include recent developments and research.
Containing brief biographical information on each featured economist, as well as references to their major works, guides to further reading, and a glossary of terms, Fifty Major Economists is undoubtedly an important and accessible resource for students of economics at all levels.

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