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Скачать Alliance - The Inside Story of How Roosevelt, Stalin & Churchill Won One War & Began Another - By Jonathan Fenby бесплатно


Alliance - The Inside Story of How Roosevelt, Stalin & Churchill Won One War & Began Another - By Jonathan Fenby
Simon & Schuster Ltd | ISBN: 0743259262 | Date 2007 | Pages 480 | siPDF & HTML | 17,7 Mb & 1,5 Mb

Jonathan Fenby is really on top form with this rivetting account of the relationships between the three great men, with a revealing cameo appearance from de Gaulle. His attempt to use personal diaries, correspondence and eye winess accounts verbatim, in order to paint a vivid picture of the key decision making during the second half of World War II, works superbly. The result is a fascinating and entertaining book which is hard to put down and which sometimes "transports" you to the summit chamber as a witness to this extraordinary period of modern history.
By Pam Norfolk
From secret shipboard meetings to highly public world conferences, the Allied leaders got round the table and used talk as well as weapons to defeat Hitler ...
It was Churchill who famously observed that 'the only thing worse than allies is not having allies.' And so it was that three very different men from vastly different backgrounds put aside their differences and formed perhaps history's most unlikely partnership to save the world from Fascism.

The history of the Second World War is usually told through its decisive battles and campaigns but behind the front lines, behind even the command centres of Allied generals, a different level of strategic thinking was going on.

Throughout the war the 'Big Three' - Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin - met in various permutations and locations to thrash out ways to defeat Nazi Germany and, just as importantly, to decide the way Europe would look after the war.

This was the political rather than military struggle, a battle of wills and diplomacy between three men with vastly different backgrounds, characters and agendas.

Focusing on the riveting interplay between these three extraordinary personalities, Fenby recreates the major Allied conferences, including Casablanca, Posdam and Yalta
, to show exactly who bullied whom, who was really in control and how the key decisions were taken.

With his customary flair for narrative, character and telling detail, Fenby acts as the perfect fly-on-the-wall for a series of life-changing and history-defining deliberations.

While these three men from three very different countries saved the world from Fascism in the war years, their hopes and plans for the future were to be dashed by an East-West confrontation which culminated in the Cold War and Britain's decline.

It's a fascinating account full of smoke-filled rooms, ego clashes and fierce arguments on which hung the lives of thousands of fighting men.

Jonathan Fenby paints a masterly portrait - subtitled The Inside Story of How Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill Won One War and Began Another - of the three leaders, flushed with Caucasian champagne, Liebfraumilch and Hine brandy, as they resolved the aftermath of fascism across three continents. Top-table history at Casablanca, Yalta and Potsdam illustrates how the Allies won the war, and then defined the peace.
The relationship between Roosevelt and Churchill makes a telling overture to the cameraderie of Bush and Blair. As deference became dangerously close to subservience, Churchill clung to Roosevelt, reduced to feigning interest in his stamp collection. The reality was that, given the paucity of her resources, Britain needed America; and the expression of Anglo-American friendship was a suffocating, though necessary, embrace.
Roosevelt's affection for the Prime Minister was undoubtedly genuine, but with British imperialism unpalatable to the American commitment to self-determination, the relationship slowly floundered. Altercations over the timing of a 'second front' served only to stiffen American reserve. Roosevelt shifted his attentions towards 'Uncle Joe', bypassing and humiliating Churchill at Tehran in his anxiety to foster a stable postwar understanding with the Soviets.
With an already outstanding record of betrayal to his name, Stalin cared little whether his allies were Nazis or democracies so long as he obtained the deep security zone he hankered after. Weaving his way through negotiations with calculated resolve, the dictator teased and toasted, coupling blandishments with bluff. The Big Three grudgingly acquiesced in the maxim that 'the only thing worse than allies was not having allies at all'.
What makes Fenby's study of this marriage of convenience so fresh is the acknowledgment that behind the policies adopted, three distinctive personalities shaped the war more than any other factor. Alliance reads like a great compendium of foibles and diplomatic flirtations. The significance of such accumulated minutiae is not lost on the reader. The book is all the better for them.

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