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Скачать Gilded Age & Progressive Era бесплатно

Gilded Age & Progressive Era
U·X·L | 2006-12-08 | ISBN: 1414401930 | 720 pages | PDF | 80,8 MB

Helping students relate to the significant social and culture changes that occurred in the years 1878-1913, Gilded Age and Progressive Era Reference Library has the details and vital connections largely missing in other references.

The collection is divided into three unique volumes: the Almanac focuses on key topics, such as the labor movement, immigration, industrialism, corruption, development of the middle class, muckraking, the assembly line, the Titanic and child labor. Biographies profiles figures significant to the era, with coverage of Mark Twain, Upton Sinclair, John D. Rockefeller, Ida B. Wells and many others. Primary Sources is a selection of the most relevant documents of the time, including excerpts from "The Jungle," by Upton Sinclair, "The 1906 Antiquities Act," illustrations of the Gibson Girl and the "Atlanta Compromise Speech of 1895," by Booker T. Washington. Throughout the three volumes, clear prose, numerous illustratio and interesting sidebars make it easy to understand the political climate, people and events that shaped the time. In addition to providing further reading suggestions and research and activity ideas, each of the Library's three volumes contains a chronology framing events in the wider context, words to know section for additional clarification, and a subject index making it easy to locate target information.

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