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Скачать Colonial America Reference Library, 1st Edition бесплатно

Colonial America Reference Library
U·X·L | 1999-11-05 | ISBN: 0787637599 | 1095 pages | PDF | 96,4 MB

The 5-vol. U·X·L Colonial America Reference Library provides thorough coverage of this critical period in American history.

In two volumes, Colonial America: Almanac allows students to study government and politics; arts and culture; sports and recreation; science and technology; economy and labor; and so much more. Unfamiliar terms are defined within the text of each chapter as well as in the "Words to Know" section. Includes approximately 120 photographs; reproductions of original documents and maps; lists of books, periodicals, Web sites and organizations for further study.

Colonial America: Biographies contains full-length biographical sketches of both well-known figures and lesser-known figures. Many of the entries contain short biographies of people who are in some way connected with the main biographee. Also included are sidebars of related information; a "Further Research" section; a "Words to Know" section; a cumulative subject index; and approximately 60 photographs.

Colonial America: Primary Sources allows students to study 24 excerpted speeches, diary entries, newspaper accounts, novels, poems, memoirs and other materials related to Colonial America. Excerpts are grouped together in broad subject categories so students can compare and contrast various viewpoints. Special features include: "Things to Remember While Reading," "What Happened Next," "Report Topics," "Did You Know," definitions of terms, 60 photographs and much, much more.

Enjoy this great book! Brought to you by SMIRK

Almanac 1


Almanac 2


Biographies 1


Biographies 2


Primary Sources


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