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Скачать Television in American Society Reference Library бесплатно

Television in American Society
U·X·L | 2006-11-30 | ISBN: 141440221X | 720 pages | PDF | 14,7 MB

Like other UXL Reference Library sets, this one contains three separate volumes for easy handling, and for different purposes. Each volume begins with the same time line and a glossary and ends with the same bibliography.

Volume 1, Almanac, is primarily a narrative history of prime-time network television. It begins (rather than concludes) with sample curricular activities. Chapters include early developments, major networks and cable TV, prime-time programming, children's and daytime programs, sports, news and politics, and the social impact and future of television. Cartoons and local television stations are virtually ignored. About a fifth of the pages include black-and-white photos. A selective bibliography concludes each of the chapters.

Volume 2, Biographies, covers 26 representative individuals who influenced the development of television, from inventors and corporate leaders to journalists and entertainers. Each biography is about six pages long, consisting of the person's life history and contributions. A limited bibliography of books, articles, and Web sites concludes each entry. At least one black-and-white photo is included, and some entries incorporate sidebars that cover additional people.

Volume 3 includes 15 full or excerpted primary source texts. Each entry introduces the sources, provides background material, discusses significance, mentions interesting tidbits, suggests application activities, and lists a few further readings. A slim paper index provides a cumulative cross-volume reference to content. Indexing is uneven; for instance, there is no entry for laws or regulations (beyond re-regulation [of cable television industry]), although the FCC, the Radio Act of 1912, and other related topics are mentioned within the set. On the other hand, for each featured biography, the index provides an extensive set of subheads. The separate index volume may get lost in the shuffle where librarians separate the set (particularly the biographies).

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