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Скачать John Dee 1527 - 1608 - Charlotte Fell Smith бесплатно

John Dee 1527 - 1608 - The Secret Life of Queen Elizabeth I's Astrologer

Charlotte Fell-Smith , "John Dee 1527 - 1608 - The Secret Life of Queen Elizabeth I's Astrologer"
PDF | ISBN 0892541040 | Year 1909 | 157 pages | English | 1.34 MB

The first complete biography of the 14th-century scientist, philosopher, and magician. Essential for students who want a full understanding of the ground from which the Western esoteric arts have grown.

John Dee (1527 - 1608) is most known for his work with Edward Kelley in contacting spirits and transcribing angelic language. Smith provides a clear retelling of their famous and tempestuous relationship and lays to rest some of the ridiculous stories about Dee. Charlotte Smith’s biography draws from Dee’s private diaries and several of his important works including The Book of the Mysteries and A True and Faithful Relation, bringing to light all his truly remarkable accomplishments. As a man of great learning, he fell under the suspicion of his less-gifted contemporaries and suffered rumor and even imprisonment. But for the most part, he was quite famous in his day, serving as mathematician, astronomer, and astrologer to the royal court of England.


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