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Скачать International Directory of Business Biographies Edition 1 бесплатно

International Directory of Business Biographies Edition 1
St. James Press | ISBN: 1558625542 | 2004-10-22 | PDF | 1800 pages | 11776 kb

As the modern business world continues to expand, today's business researchers are in search of a more global perspective. Unlike many other directories, this four-volume set contains in-depth biographical narratives on more than 600 figures, nearly half profiling individuals outside the U.S. In addition to examining the career paths, business achievements, leadership styles, business strategies and industry impact of Fortune 500 and Global 500 corporate leaders, the International Directory of Business Biographies also covers entrepreneurs and other notable businesspeople. Also includes 350 photos, four indexes and helpful in-depth bibliographies designed to facilitate further research.


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