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Скачать Einstein's Unfinished Symphony бесплатно

Einstein's Unfinished Symphony
National Academy Press | ISBN 0309069874 | 2000-09-30 | PDF | 266 pages | 4.31 MB

We all know that water and sound move in waves-but gravity? In Marcia Bartusiak's new book, we are introduced to the physics of gravity waves-or vibrations in space-time. We learn about the new generation of observatories, now being completed worldwide, that will give astronomers not just a new window on the cosmos but a whole new sense with which to explore the heavens. Instead of collecting light waves or radio waves, these novel instruments will allow scientists to listen to the very rhythms of the universe, adding an auditory dimension to the grand images we study through powerful telescopes.

In accessible and lively writing that translates intricate physical concepts into lyrical language, Bartusiak describes how a gravity wave surges through the cosmos at the speed of light. She traces the fascinating story of Einstein's theory of general relativity and goes on to explore how physicists' views of gravity waves have evolved over the decades. We also come to know many of the people involved in today's experiments. As Bartusiak weaves their personal histories in with the ultimate aspirations for the new technologies, an absorbing story of science unfolds. This gripping account of complex, cutting-edge science is brought down to earth and made interesting by an author skilled in the telling of popular science.


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