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Скачать Recycling Today April 2009 бесплатно

Recycling Today April 2009
Publisher: GEI Media Inc. | 42 pages | PDF | 10.3 Mb

Focused on the business of recycling, Recycling Today magazine provides the most comprehensive market coverage for scrap commodity markets, legislative and regulatory issues, as well as business and technical information necessary for effective management in complex markets.

Recycling Today is published monthly and is edited for the secondary commodity processing/recycling market. News is targeted to dealers, processors, material recovery facilities, and consultants and engineers designing recycling systems, and brokers in addition to scrap generators and consumers.

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Bumper edition this month with the following -

Piece by Piece
The world's 20 Largest Multi-National Scrap Recyclers prepare to solve the challenges of 2009.

Awaiting Orders
Steelmakers have put furnaces on low idle in response to a lack of orders from steel buyers in the automotive and construction sectors.

Bit by Bit
Software for recyclers may work more quietly than a shredder or baler, but it can greatly affect productivity.

Market Reports: Ferrous Scrap
Reports from Western Europe, Russia and Scandinavia.

Market Reports: Nonferrous Metals
Reports from Western Europe, China, Russia and North America.

Market Reports: Recovered Fibre and Plastics
Reports from Western Europe and North America.

Mazda Goes Bumper to Bumper
The Japanese automaker unveils its system to recycle vehicle bumpers.


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