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Скачать Time, March 30, 2009 бесплатно

Time, March 30, 2009
PDF | English | 1.1 MB

How AIG Became Too Big to Fail
Years of unregulated and risky deals exposed the insurance giant to catastrophic losses. Now it's paying bonuses to the same people who helped create the mess. With our money. A look at why a dark corner of the global economy is costing U.S. taxpayers $170 billion -- and counting.

The Upside of Anger
Let's channel the AIG-bonus outrage into a real fix: a tax code that makes messmakers pay.

How to Bring An End to the War Over Sex Ed
Teaching kids just about abstinence won't prevent teen pregnancies -- and neither will focusing solely on safe sex. But one county in South Carolina is finding success by doing both.

Are 3-D Movies Ready for Their Closeup?
For some of the world's top filmmakers, digital 3-D is the future of movies. Adjust your glasses.

Is Julia Roberts Still Queen of the Box Office?
In the cloak-and-dagger caper Duplicity, Julia Roberts finds mature love. It suits her.

Arianna Huffington: The Web's New Oracle
How Arianna Huffington beat the media establishment at its own game using nothing but charm, friends, money, the Internet and other people's work.


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