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Скачать Dental Economics Magazine - January 2009, Vol. 99 No 1 бесплатно

Dental Economics Magazine - January 2009, Vol. 99 No 1
English | 119 pages | PDF | 6.73 MB

Contents .....Cover Stories.....Features

18 Practice Wisdom — “The myth of the ‘Magic Bullet’,” by Dianne Glasscoe Watterson
20 The Endo File — “Questions regarding TFs,” by Richard Mounce, DDS
22 Practice Success — “How to win in this economy with great customer service,” by Roger P. Levin, DDS
24 Preventing Pain in Dentistry — “Does your operator stool trigger low back pain?” by Bethany Valachi, MS, PT, CEAS
28 Quality Care for Oral Cancer — “Hygienists and dentists partner to provide fi rst line of defense,” by Donna Marie Grzegorek, RDH, EC
30 Common Sense Dentistry — “Learn to love the denture patient again,” by Louis Malcmacher, DDS, MAGD
32 Emerging Infection Control Challenges — “Instrument cassettes: a reasonable and effective approach,” by John A. Molinari, PhD
34 Ask Dr. Christensen — by Gordon Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD
40 From the Lab — “Four products for better crown and bridge,” by Michael DiTolla, DDS, FAGD
50 Focus on Human Resources — “Yes, you can pay bonuses and increase profi ts,” by Bent Ericksen and Tim Twigg
82 Pearls For Your Practice® — “Enhancing your success,” by Joe Blaes, DDS for your FINANCES
54 Flourishing in Changing Times — “Percentage of overhead is a choice,” by Bill Blatchford, DDS
56 Practice Transitions — “Practice appraisal — the foundation of a successful transition,” by Gary Schaub
61 Breakthrough Financial Planning — “Save taxes, save more,” by Brian Hufford, CPA, CFP®
62 The Science of Creating Wealth — “Creating hope in dark times! Success leaves clues,” by Michael Schuster, DDS
66 Tax Q&A — “Defi ned benefi t plans and the market drop,” by Gene Dongieux, CIO, Mercer Advisors for your PERSONAL ENRICHMENT
6 Editor’s Note — “Creating a better year in 2009, ” by Joe Blaes, DDS
72 A Meaningful Profi table Practice — “If only we could have one more bite ...,” by Dag Zapatero, DDS, MAGD
74 Murphy’s Law — “Accelerating your practice and your life,” by Mark Murphy, DDS
76 Dental Marketing that Works — “Nine steps to becoming a recognized authority,” by Stewart Gandolf, MBA, and Lonnie Hirsch for your TECHNOLOGY NEEDS
80 The X-ray Files — “A dynamic duo comes to the rescue!” by Terry L. Myers, DDS, FAGD
85 Enhancing Technology — “Hit Me with Your Best Shot,” by Paul Feuerstein, DMD

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