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Скачать Forbes Asia Magazine (March 16, 2009) бесплатно

Forbes Asia Magazine (March 16, 2009)
77 pages | English | PDF | 24 MB

Forbes Asia Magazine (March 16, 2009)


48 Heroes Of Philanthropy
Edited by John Koppisch
They're making generous, sometimes innovative, contributions in Asia and elsewhere.

Chinese Credit
Gady Epstein
Loan guarantors were key to the SME sector's rise, but they, too, got overextended.

Wall Street's Disappearing Women
Anita Raghavan
After the scandals of the 1990s, didn't investment banks put sexist employment practices behind them? Evidently not.

Harvard's Finance Meltdown
Bernard Condon and Nathan Vardi
The superstars at America's most famous university defied markets for years--until now.

High Network Individual
Quentin Hardy
For Larry Brilliant, ending plagues and providing energy is about information flow.

Give Them Credit
Matthew Craft
If banks are hesitant to lend to small business, perhaps large business can step up to the plate.

Is $500,000 Fair?
Michael Maiello
Wall Streeters are infuriated with the U.S. government's ham-fisted limits on compensation. They should come up with a better system, quickly.

Antigua's Cricket Crash
Paul Maidment
Last bat for Antigua? The party may be over for Caribbean cricket.

The $10 Microscope
Taylor Buley
A lensless device is in the works that will be far cheaper and more efficient than traditional microscopes.

Digital Tools | Microsoft Versus the Big Three
Lee Gomes
If the day arrives when a browser is the only program anyone needs, Apple, Google and Mozilla will be among those cheering the loudest.

India's Outsourcing Upheaval
Megha Bahree
Tata Consultancy Services CEO dissects business after the Satyam debacle.

Intimate Objections
Melanie Lindner
Josie Natori, tapping her Philippine origins, left Wall Street behind and embraced Fashion Ave.

Playboy's Rocky Remake
Dirk Smillie
Lad magazine master Jimmy Jellinek aims to rescue the bunny empire.

Watch Your Body Language
Anita Raghavan
Richard Newman teaches executives how to communicate effectively--without speaking.

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