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Скачать World Trade Magazine, January 2009 бесплатно

world trade magazine january 2009

World Trade Magazine, January 2009
68 pages | 50 pages | English | 16.8 MB

World Trade magazine: The trusted source of information and analysis for executives at the highest level of midsized to large U.S. manufacturers engaged in domestic and international trade.

Monthly, World Trade Magazine examines each sector of world trade - transportation, logistics and supply chain management, technology, finance and trade services, and domestic and international economic development. Emphasis is on executive interviews and in-depth company profiles designed to assist our readers in making their businesses more profitable.

World Trade Magazine is today’s most relevant U.S. logistics journal delivering news and information to 100% U.S. subscribers active in domestic and international trade.

Today businesses are sourcing abroad so they need information on how to operate overseas. 82% of our subscribers plan to enter foreign markets within the next year. World Trade reflects the priorities and diverse interests of its senior level and management subscribers to help them navigate today’s rapidly changing and highly competitive global marketplace.

World Trade covers every aspect of the global supply chain from the movement of products across the U.S. to the procurement from delivery to international markets: LTL, Technology, Express Delivery, 3PL, Air Cargo, Trade Finance, Private Fleet, Warehousing, Ports, Ocean.

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