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Скачать Oil & Gas Financial Journal. Vol. VI, No. 1, January 2009 бесплатно

Oil & Gas Financial Journal. Vol. VI, No. 1, January 2009
PennWell Corp. | 2009-01-01 | ISSN-1555-4082 | 90 pages | PDF | 5 Mb

Oil&Gas Financial Journal provides petroleum industry managers, analysts and investors credible information about the most important financial developments of oil exploration, oil and gas investing, international and regional oil and gas information and more.

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Technical and operational expertise makes for a simple, effective strategy

New exchange makes it easier to avoid rigors of listing in US Frontera Resources, a Houston-based E&P company with focused activities in the country of Georgia, did what many other smaller US companies looking for financing were forced to do in recent years – they went overseas to do an IPO to avoid the high cost of listing in the US and onerous Sarbanes-Oxley reporting.
Middle East construction: contracting in a rollercoaster market Historically, construction contracting in the Middle East in the oil and gas sector, as well as other industries, has been typified by projects being tendered based upon lump-sum engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contracts, with project sponsors having little tolerance for variances to the contract terms and conditions.
Market dynamics can be challenging Current economic conditions have created a ‘perfect storm’ in petroleum economics. In this atmosphere, it’s crucial to utilize capital more efficiently.
Chesapeake remains buoyant in turbulent sea Like many in the industry, Chesapeake Energy Corp. has found itself in a sea of financial woes.
Paradigm’s business model helps firm weather the economic storm Editor’s Note: Two senior executives with Paradigm, a provider of software solutions to global E&P companies, recently spoke with OGFJ editor Don Stowers about their products and services.

Interview with Cathy Douglas, Anadarko CAO Editor’s Note: With an accounting degree from the University of Houston, a CPA license, and over 30 years with Anadarko under her belt, the decision to promote Cathy Douglas to chief accounting officer appears to be on par with the company’s idea of “employee development.

OGFJ100P company update
IHS Herold Inc., the independent research firm, has provided OGFJ with updated production data for our periodic ranking of US-based private E&P companies.

Editor's Comment
Analyzing the oil price analysts Someone recently likened the current global economy to a rollercoaster. No where is this more true than with oil prices. The petrocoaster has been on a long, steep dive since it peaked in mid-summer at $147.27 a barrel.

Capital Perspectives
Financial crisis impacts energy industry Shockwaves reach beyond Wall Street and are affecting oil and gas companies worldwide.

Upstream News
ExxonMobil enters Black Sea, signs agreements with Turkish NOC, Petrom SA Two of Exxon Mobil Corp.’s affiliates, ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Turkey BV, and ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Romania Ltd. have signed agreements for work in the Black Sea.

Industry Briefs
PXP completes $1.25B sale in Permian, Piceance basins Houston-based Plains Exploration & Production Co. has sold its remaining interests in oil and gas properties located in the Permian and Piceance Basins to Occidental Petroleum Corp.

Energy Players
Rowan names Ralls CEO, president; appoints Lentz chairman of the board Rowan Companies Inc. has named W. Matt Ralls the company’s new president, CEO, and member of the board, succeeding D.F. McNease, who resigned in late October.

Beyond the Well
Committed to children, the arts Stilley aimed to make a difference upon his return to Houston Randall Stilley, CEO of Pride International’s Mat-Supported Jackup Business, has long believed in the power of leadership. “I’ve always believed that business leaders have a responsibility to the community as well as to the company,” he said.

Analyze This
OPEC’s influence on oil prices
How macroeconomics and geopolitics are driving the price of oil.

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