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Скачать Currency Trader, August 2008 бесплатно

Currency Trader, August 2008
PDF | English | 47 pages | 25.2 MB

Iceland heats up
The little currency with the big moves. Find out what's in store for the volatile Icelandic krona.

Waiting for the breakout
The tug-of-war between the Euro and the dollar has stretched into months, but there's little consensus regarding what might push the pair out of its range. The only certainty is that a breakout will occur -- eventually.

National security and the dollar
Is a weak dollar a security risk for the U.S.?

Horizontal patterns in foreign exchange
The Euro's price action lends itself well to dissection with the Darvas Box.

Short-term trends in the EUR/JPY pair
Analysis of short-term trends and price thrusts in the Euro/Japanese yen pair.

The short, awful life of the dollar carry trade
The implications of the weak-dollar policy and the dollar's roles as a funding currency.

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