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Скачать Outlook Business, August 23, 2008 бесплатно

Outlook Business, August 23, 2008
PDF | English | 124 pages | 28.1 MB

India -- Making of Tomorrow's Superpower
30 companies in the Fortune 100 list, 10% share in world trade, the largest talent pool in the world. That's management thinker CK Prahalad's vision for India 15 years on. How to get there? 27 great minds weigh in on issues of matter across four broad themes.

Building Businesses
While established MNCs are process-oriented, the challengers from emerging economies like India are more leader-driven. And that might just be a good thing.

Growing Trade
Transformational changes are needed across-the-board to leap from 1.5% world share to 10%.

Imparting Education
The education sector is at a tipping point, with multifarious forces, within and outside the country, at play.

Reducing Inequality
Millions are left out of the reforms process and are still poor. They cannot be left to the mercy of market forces.

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