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Скачать Futures & Options Trader, July 2008 бесплатно

Futures & Options Trader, July 2008
PDF | English | 10.5 MB

Pre-trend reversal system
This strategy is designed to anticipate price breakouts and enter markets before standard trend-following systems.

Buying stocks at a discount with puts
Short puts and put ratio spreads have substantial downside risk, but they can also help you buy attractive stocks that drop in price.

Trading point-and-figure breakouts with credit spreads
The idea is to spot a breakout above a triple-top pattern or below a triple-bottom pattern and enter a credit spread to profit if price continues in the breakout's direction.

NYMEX raises energy margins; senators propose to do the same
As the government looks for ways to tame commodity markets, NYMEX hikes energy contract margins amid record prices.

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