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Скачать Outlook Business, July 26, 2008 бесплатно

Outlook Business, July 26, 2008
PDF | English | 33 MB

21st Century on the Move
Whichever way one looks at it -- cost, climate, convenience, compulsions -- public transport, not private vehicles, is the way to go. With a clutch of companies coming together to transplant the private experience in public spheres, city travel is set to see a radical shift.

Let's Make a Deal
So, it looks like the nuclear deal might come through, and that will be a good thing for India's energy security. N-power is expensive, but it is vital for the country to meet its power needs.

Traumatic Affair
The Sun-Taro merger saga has taken yet another turn, with Taro opting out of the deal. As Sun mounts its offensive, who holds the aces and how the cards might play out.

Hard Knocks
Dark days have descended on the real estate sector. Their stocks have taken a pasting, fi nancials are slumping. And the worst might not yet be over.

He's Clicked Shut Down, and Opted to Restart
On matters Microsoft, Bill Gates' actions oft en seemed self-serving. Now, as he steps away to serve mankind, one can only feel respect for his new avatar.

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