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Скачать Business Today, August 10, 2008 бесплатно

Business Today, August 10, 2008
PDF | English | 34.4 MB

Who Wins Now?
As equations change at the Centre, the battle between the Ambani brothers gets shriller -- and more desperate.

Where Is Citibank Headed in India?
The world's largest bank is gasping for breath. In India, the tremors have led to an exodus of key personnel. But financially, Citi continues to do well in this country. Will it now cut back operations around the globe to put its house back in order, or will it expand in India and China to offset its losses elsewhere?

Healthcare for the Other India
Six years since ISRO launched a national telemedicine project, there are four states that have "wired up" all their district hospitals. So, what has been the impact on the lives of the poor?

Inclusive Capitalism
Fabindia is turning its supplier-artisans into shareholders in a unique experiment that seeks to empower some of India's poorest people.

The Futures Games
Small investors are warming up to futures trading regardless of the risk. But is the futures market for you?

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