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Скачать Time Magazine 6 Oct 2008 бесплатно

TIME Magazine October 6, 2008 Vol. 172 No. 14 (U.S. Edition)
PDF + MP3 | English | 5.3 + 1.3 + 12.6 MB

• COVER: The Financial Crisis: Who Can Lead Us Out Of This Mess? - How to pick a President amid financial chaos
• SCIENCE: Unfrozen Tundra - A melting Greenland is the front line in the fight to save the earth, but it's just one of the places green heroes are doing amazing things
• SOCIETY: A Spa That Slithers - Forget mud from the Dead Sea. Israel's latest tranquillity treatment has snakes on the brain
• TECHNOLOGY: MySpace Launches a Free-Music Revolution - MySpace has a cool new way to expand your song library. But downloads will still cost you
• Maligned Online? How to Retaliate Against Web Attacks - How to win the online reputation game


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