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Скачать World Trade Magazine, June 2008 бесплатно

World Trade Magazine, June 2008
English | 68 pages | PDF | 11 MB

World Trade magazine: The trusted source of information and analysis for executives at the highest level of midsized to large U.S. manufacturers engaged in domestic and international trade.


18 World Trade’s Fabulous 50 + 1
Our annual survey of the people, places and things that are pushing the global trading community forward.
By World Trade Staff

38 A Tough Road for Truckers
Rising fuel costs top the list of concerns, but infrastructure remains a long-term worry.
By Lara L. Sowinski

42 Intermodal Kicks Into High Gear
3PL capacity and expertise enable shippers to bypass the old speed vs. cost dilemma.
By Gail Dutton

48 Ocean Transport Adjusts to New Realities
Port congestion, environmental requirements, container shortages and asset re-deployment all impact U.S. shipping channels.
By Neil Shister

52 Latin America’s Free Trade Market Struggles
The grand ambitions behind Mercosur are at risk as politics intervene.
By Clay Risen

55 Ten Reasons to Use Global Sourcing
Global sourcing used to be about costs. Now it’s about everything else, too.
By Gail Dutton

62 Performance-Based Logistics Redefines DoD Procurement
‘Paying for results’ rather than product specifications to expand into the civilian supply chain.
By Kate Vitasek and Steve Geary



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