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Скачать Online Strategies Magazine, Spring 2008 бесплатно

Online Strategies Magazine, Spring 2008
English | PDF | 48 pages | 2.4 MB

Online Strategies magazine focuses on best practices in all areas of online marketing, including e-commerce, search engine marketing, optimization, email marketing, web analytics and affiliate marketing. Published by Electronic Retailer Media Group, a division of the trade association ERA, this publication also focuses on emerging trends such as social media and mobile marketing.

Online Strategies profiles some of today's most engaging industry experts, as well as innovative companies that have leveraged the Internet to successfully market their products and enhance their brand identity.

Electronic Retailer Media Group is the premier source of information in one of the fastest growing segments of the direct response industry, the electronic direct response market. Electronic Retailer magazine and its online properties deliver news updates, exclusives, industry research, educational features and in-depth coverage of issues relating to government affairs, legal aspects, concepts and products, production, media-buying as well as all back end services.


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