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Скачать IndustryWeek Magazine, June 2008 бесплатно

IndustryWeek Magazine, June 2008
English | EXE | 64 pages | 42 MB

IndustryWeek - Leadership In Manufacturing; covering Hot Trends, Operations and Opinions. mIndustryWeek is for senior manufacturing executives to help explore business issues, strategies, trends & technologies needed to succeed in today's global economy. We are also about well-formed ideas and best practices presented from an authoritative point-of-view.

IndustryWeek connects decision-makers within manufacturing enterprises to share ideas and tools that inspire action.

Its award-winning presentation of trends, news, analysis, research and peer-to-peer conversation motivates manufacturing leaders to achieve their goals.

The IW community is a dynamic space that encourages open communication. To that end we welcome all comments, discussions, news, analysis, opinions and other pieces of information that might be of interest to those in the manufacturing arena.

"Written for a senior-level management audience, IndustryWeek delivers powerful editorial on the challenges facing today's manufacturing companies."


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