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Скачать Currency Trader, April 2008 бесплатно

Currency Trader, April 2008
PDF | English | 14.4 MB

Dollar/yen scores a 13-year low
A look at the resurgent yen and its prospects through the end of the year.

China slows, but still strong
China's red-hot economy may have been dialed down a notch, but its longer-term picture still looks expansive.

What's really driving the dollar?
Signs of a potential turnaround in the buck can be found in an unexpected place.

5 things that move the currency market
What should you be watching in the forex market these days?

Yen on the run
Here's a breakdown of short-term trend patterns in the USD/JPY pair.

Currencies and stock index performance
Find out how stock indices relate to the performance of their currencies.

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