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Скачать Institutional Investor Magazine, February 2008 бесплатно

Institutional Investor Magazine, February 2008
English | 36 pages | EXE | 26.9 MB

Institutional Investor magazine is one of the most trusted resources in the world's financial community. Our coverage of people, companies and events helps readers understand current and emerging market trends and has consistently set and raised the bar for financial journalism with over 86 awards.

In every issue, Institutional Investor brings you: provocative, compelling editorial, industry acclaimed surveys like "All-America Research Team", "World's Greatest Hotels", "Fixed-Income Trading Rankings", "Euro 100", "Global Research Team", trends and implications, people who are leading innovations in the industry, portfolio strategy, and technology in the financial markets.

Every month, for over thirty years, Institutional Investor's loyal readers - the most influential issuers, investors and intermediaries worldwide - turn to the pages of Institutional Investor for its analysis and expertise. Separate editions of the magazine for readers in the Americas, Europe and Asia allow Institutional Investor to provide extended coverage of finance around the world, affording the local as well as the global perspective.


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