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Скачать TEN Magazine, Spring 2008 - Annual Report Issue бесплатно

TEN Magazine, Spring 2008 - Annual Report Issue
English | PDF | 86 pages | 10.9 MB

TEN magazine is a quarterly publication of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City focused on the connection between the Bank’s research and the Tenth Federal Reserve District. TEN also features articles on the Federal Reserve’s history, structure and operations.

The spring issue of TEN gives readers a glimpse inside the Kansas City Fed's recently built headquarters. Other feature articles include: the combination of factors that led to the nationwide foreclosure surge; a look back at 2007 may foretell what's to come this year in rural America; and the head-on opposition commercial businesses face when trying to enter the banking sector. This issue also includes the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City's 2007 Annual Report.


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