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Скачать HFM Week Special Report, April 2008 : How to Start a Hedge Fund in the US бесплатно

HFM Week Special Report, April 2008 : How to Start a Hedge Fund in the US
English | 20 pages | PDF | 4.26 MB

Despite difficulties in the global financial markets in the second half of last year, total assets under administration in the hedge fund industry continued to grow strongly, and such a robust and defiant display surely bodes well for the continued development of the sector during 2008. To this end, this HFM How to Start a Hedge Fund in the US 2008 Report draws upon the experience and expertise of senior industry professionals and key service providers to guide you towards achieving the ultimate goal of establishing a hedge fund which thrives in the US space.

Michael G Tannenbaum of Tannenbaum Helpern Syracuse & Hirschtritt opens the report with a concise and detailed exploration of the legal terrain those aiming to establish a hedge fund to access US capital will inevitably need to negotiate. Having advised hundreds of private funds and advisers on matters of US law and regulation for more than 30 years, his contribution makes essential reading for anyone looking to set up a hedge fund in the US.

An administrator’s perspective is supplied by Tony Stocks of Tennyson Fund Solutions, interviewed on the eve of the launch of their US operation aimed at servicing funds managing between US$200m and US$500m. Renowned throughout the hedge fund world for his role in setting Citco on the road to becoming the world’s largest hedge fund administrator, Stocks brings the benefit of his considerable expertise and experience to the 2008 report.



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