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Скачать Arrive Magazine - May June 2008 бесплатно

Arrive Magazine
PDF | 15 MB | English | RS | MAY JUNE 2008

Arrive is Amtrak's onboard magazine for business travelers. It provides millions of passengers with vital information and welcome entertainment to help make most of visits to the major destination cities of the Northeastern United States.

Arrive is published bimonthly and delivers constant exposure on all Northeast trains as well as the ClubAcela station lounges. Its goal is to provide a unique and intelligent view of America's most compelling urban centers of commerce, government and the arts. The tone of the magazine is entertaining yet informative, casual yet consuming. It is the perfect travel partner—a knowledgeable guide and an entertaining companion. And for Amtrak's time-sensitive riders, it is always available within arm's reach ... it is the only magazine within reach.

Arrive - MAY JUNE 2008

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Arrive - MAR APR 2008

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