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Скачать Invest in Germany Magazine Vol. 0i April 2008 бесплатно

Invest in Germany Magazine Vol. 0i April 2008
English | 36 pages | PDF | 2.6 MB

One of the single biggest investments in Germany is currently being made in Leuna, a chemical-manufacturing location in Saxony-Anhalt. Ireland’s Quinn Group is building a new factory for €260 million in order to produce special synthetic materials starting in 2009.

This is also the group’s first venture into the chemicalbusiness. The company decided it should be a German-Japanese-Irish cooperative effort, with the technology coming from East Asia, the experience for building and operating the new factory from Germany, and the company management and financial resources from Ireland. Quinn had been planning to move into the chemical business for a long time. To begin with, the group bought the license to a process for the production of methymethacrylate (MMA) from a Japanese company.



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