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Скачать Resilience Report - Oasis Economies (April 2008) бесплатно

Resilience Report - Oasis Economies
April 2008 | 16 pages | English | PDF | 1.2 MB

Resilience Report is a monthly update on business complexity and strategy-based transformation. An exclusive service for readers of strategy+business, it offers original research, case studies, and other intellectual capital from s+b and Booz Allen Hamilton.

Surrounded by tension and unnoticed by many observers, the nations of the Middle East are building their own kind of sustainable prosperity.
Five years ago, Dubai’s Palm Island didn’t exist. Where there are now three human-made land masses — the largest the size of a major city — arranged in the shape of a tree, five years ago there was merely the sparkling blue water of the Arabian Gulf. Then the government of Dubai decided to accelerate the diversification of its economy, from a purely oil- and trade-based system to a business and recreation hub designed to lure investors and tourists.


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