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Скачать KPMG 2007 - Retail banking in China: New frontiers бесплатно

KPMG 2007 - Retail banking in China: New frontiers
English | PDF | 32 pages | 1.7 MB

China is undergoing an historic economic and cultural transformation as it emerges as one of the largest consumer markets in the world. The government in Beijing has assembled the necessary ingredients for this change to happen, and providers of retail banking services are now starting to benefit.

The findings detailed in this report are based on interviews with executives from many of the leading domestic and international financial institutions active in China. The report focuses on three areas with particularly encouraging growth prospects, namely credit cards, mortgages and wealth management services.

The use of these services among customers remains extremely low relative to the conventional withdrawal, deposit and transfer functions offered by banks.

China’s size and rapidly growing middle class make it an obvious target market for foreign banks. Between them, the country’s 1.3 billion citizens hold nearly USD 2 trillion in personal savings.


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